I’ve been quiet…

and I will remain mostly quiet.  Over the past several months, I have been more exposed to Illinois Procurement and Ethics laws than I ever expected to be.  And that’s all there is to say about that for now.

On to other things…  our WebCT (CE8) installation is currently hanging in there.  This semester there have been more issues relating to browser versions and java.

For anyone who may run into the issue…  if you are a designer/instructor and go to your Grade Book and get a plain white screen, your data is not gone, it is a java caching issue.  Most of the time (all but 1 so far), putting your mouse pointer over the white space and right-clicking then choosing reload {or refresh} frame {or page} will bring things back to normal.


Catching up

Spring 2012 is underway.  WebCT is humming along.  The data feed from Banner is healthy and happy now after a rough start  to the semester.

Some personnel changes have transpired and will transpire, meaning old faces seen less often and new faces to come.

Change.  Something is always changing and we have to change with it, for it, in spite of it, or get left out, rolled over, or ignored.

Don’t just let it happen to you.  Choose.

Spring 2012 data

I just made the first batch load of data for Spring 2012 (201230) into WebCT.  This should please some people (now they can work on their classes for spring at their own pace) and annoy others (more classes in your listing).


On days like today…

Today was one of those inevitable days.  No matter how good your sysadmins, networking gurus, and application admins are, no matter how much time they put in designing and implementing high availability systems, no matter how much redundancy is in the mix, there is inevitably the day when something happens and a system or service is unavailable.

Today it was the main web page.

Since the main web page was unavailable, many thought all of the services were unavailable.  *sigh*  Everything else was happily humming along.  There are just a lot of individuals who are accustomed to one way of doing things and get caught without a way to improvise.

Those of you trying to avoid work on WebCT (you know who you are!), you can get to it without going to the main web page first.  Just remember (or bookmark) online.eiu.edu