Monday, last week of classes for Spring 2011

Here we are, another Monday.  But this one is a little bit special.  It is the last Monday of class meeting for Spring 2011.  Next Monday will be Finals week.  I can hardly believe how quickly this semester has gone.

End of semester means posting grades.  And since we allow that through WebCT now, we have to be ready to go.  We will make it available at 8:00a.m. Thursday April 28, the same day folks can begin posting grades via Banner.  I just did a quick test (turned on the capability, tested it, and turned it right back off) and right now all signs are go, it’s working great as expected.  Sometimes something gets hung up and we have to do a service restart (stop the WebCT services on all the nodes and then restart).  I will check again before Thursday, but for now it looks like we may be good to go.