Summer 2012 WebCT Data

The spring 2012 term closed on Monday afternoon.  Summer term opens today.  In preparation for summer classes, Friday was the final batch load of summer data from Banner to WebCT — summer term is now on live update with student enrollments included.  Fall data will be updated in batches until around August 10th.


WebCT Available

As any of you who are interested probably already know, EIU’s WebCT is available.  Upgrades are finished.  Now for updated documentation of the process (what really happened, an update to what we expected to happen).

Grades for end of 6 week session

The “Export to SIS” feature has been turned on and should be available to export grades to Banner from WebCT for the 6 week session.  The feature should be available until July 27 at 4p.

If you experience difficulties please contact the Help Desk (581-HELP).

WebCT downtime over

We scheduled downtime from 12:15am until 2:15am, but finished by 1:15am.  The restart seems to have worked — cluster seems to be working properly and even took the time to enable and test the Export to SIS feature.  It all seems to be in order.  I’m exhausted.  Night-Night.