Pearson OpenClass making a splash

Yesterday, I first saw this article:

Inside Higher Ed

Today, I’ve found several more, as follows:

The Chronicle

Hack Education

Ken Ingle

Do You #EDU blog

and, of course, from the company itself:


I also received 2 or 3 emails mentioning it.  Enjoy the reading, exploring, and dreaming.  It is an interesting blip in the midst of interesting times.


Faculty Senate

Eastern’s Faculty Senate wanted to know more about what is going on.  So, John Henderson, Julie Lockett, Newton Key, and I went to their regular meeting on Tuesday, September 27.  Mr. Henderson provided the general update and each of the rest of us assisted in answering questions.  Of course, there is a newspaper article about it.  Here’s the link.

Here, again, is the list of possible contenders, in alpha order, that I am aware of (if I’ve missed something, please share!):

Agilix BrainHoney:

Blackboard Learn 9.1:




Instructure Canvas:




Pearson learningstudio:

rSmart Sakai:

And here is the link to the RFP:


As in a beginning, finally.  For anyone out there who may be interested, the RFP for the next EIU Learning Management System has been posted here (  Responses are due in by October 18th.  Check it out for the details.  There are, of course, way too many to list here.

Happy Monday everyone, from cloudy, dreary east central Illinois.

TurningPoint Anywhere – Mac

This is one of those “hold that thought” posts.  Apparently, macs with Office 2008 don’t have the regular tabbed integration with TurningPoint, so must use TurningPoint Anywhere.  The key question was what URL to put in to tie to our Bb/WebCT server.  Answer

I learned something new today!

Things on my mind

As I’m waiting for the official RFP for a new LMS to be posted for EIU, I keep an eye out for what’s going on around me.  In part, this is self preservation.  I could live in blind oblivion and just wait for the moment when everything hits either the wall or the fan on the way to the end of life for our beloved CE8.  Instead, I’m compelled to keep an eye on what others are going through, watch the improvements in Bb9, take in the excitement over Canvas or the enthusiasm over D2L, and still occasionally come across a new {to me} offering.

Anyway, today, I took note of @lgekeler’s tweet “Since June, Auburn College has been amazingly quiet abt their pick of #Instructure Canvas to replace #Blackboard” with a link to  Of course, I checked it out, for a couple of reasons:  1. to check out what caught Laura’s eye and 2. to see if there’s anything I should learn for our process here.

As I explored their site, I found some interesting pieces.  They have maintained the information from their decision process.  And they have added a help section/clearinghouse with tutorials for different aspects of using Canvas.  I jumped to the conclusion that there would be more information coming as their plans unfold.  Then I left the site.

A little while later another tweet caught my eye, this time @georgekroner “@lgekeler many clients go silent after announcing a switch, my personal perspective is it ends up being more difficult than they think.”  Ah, things to think about and consider.  🙂  I went back to the site, in my mind and literally, wondering if that is their message, or whether there is any intended message, and what is my part here @ EIU to help have an accurate message about our process.

Last time we upgraded (sure, it was “just” CE4.1 to CE8), we had a migration process and attempted to be open about it with a migration website to try to communicate about it.  And that was the scope of that website.  Once the migration was done, the website had no more value, no more updates.  And I find myself wondering.  Is that their situation?  Is that how we should communicate through this LMS migration process (it will be migration, whatever vendor is chosen)?

We are just approaching the part where things are becoming something real.  We need a communication plan.  That communication plan for the process to choose apparently needs to either encompass or dovetail into the upcoming migration plan that will follow.  And, of course, we need to consider not only what we say, but what we don’t say.  And what what we don’t say says.

Oh the things to think about!  Thanks Laura and George for giving me a different look at something I wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

waiting and changing gears

One waiting game is nearly over.  But, as so many times in life, that will just open the door to another waiting game.  Hopefully this waiting game will feel more fruitful.  At least it should move the process along further.  We’ll see.

Remembering 9/11 @EIU

Remembering 9/11

I attempted to link to the image so that it would just show up here, but was not quickly successful, so settled for this.

EIU ROTC and the Student Veterans of Eastern are placing flags in front of Old Main in memory of the 2,975 victims of the 9/11 attacks in New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.

We remember.