Waiting and Disaster Recovery

Waiting…   that’s what’s going on with the question of what LMS will we use when webct reaches its end of life.  The core of an RFP has been written and supplied to the university procurement office.  And now it is time to wait.  Then it will be published and we wait some more.  Then, hopefully, some responses will come in and it will be time to evaluate.

On a different note, disaster recovery is a recurring topic, especially in IT.  Following the big tornado yesterday in Joplin, MO, I just have to wonder…  how do you plan for recovery from such utter disaster?  Something to mull on, anyway.  And, how can HIPAA be enforced when a tornado scatters medical records over miles and miles of debris field?

Incredibly thankful for the sunshine outside my window this morning.


Catch Up Day

I have been so tied up in RFP writing that I lost track of a few emailed requests — that I found when I went back through my inbox this morning.  I have checked them all off now.  I hope that means I’m caught up for the moment, at least when it comes to end user support.  THAT is exactly why I have individuals email details of their requests to me.  I know that I’ll find them again even if they get put aside for something more important in the moment.

Tomorrow morning is another meeting with the group to go over and hopefully approve the guts of an RFP.  It will be a momentous occasion if everything is finally agreed upon.

More rain.  Everyone around here is tired of it.  I’m thankful it’s not the storms that some are experiencing down south.  And I’m looking forward to the next sunny day, which may be Friday.

Yesterday’s storms

We got lotsa rain and saw some interesting clouds.  The radar had pretty colors.  The sirens went off.  And, thankfully, as it all passed, there wasn’t much damage.  Just wait though, there’s another system coming through tomorrow!