February 2015

Here it is, Spring semester 2015.  So much water under the bridge.  Much too much to try to write up.  I’m not sure I’ll pick this back up, but this is a step.  I’m still here at EIU and still the technical admin of our Desire2Learn environment.


Summer 2012 WebCT Data

The spring 2012 term closed on Monday afternoon.  Summer term opens today.  In preparation for summer classes, Friday was the final batch load of summer data from Banner to WebCT — summer term is now on live update with student enrollments included.  Fall data will be updated in batches until around August 10th.

Springtime in Illinois

April 6??  Already?  Good Friday and Easter Sunday and then another day of school/work.

It’s well past midterms.

I’ve started doing batch updates of Summer and Fall icgorldi data into WebCT so that faculty members can prep their sections.

Still waiting for final word on our next LMS.

So much to do.

And then I look out the window.  Did you know I get to sit by a window?  I can see blue sky and flowering trees and birds and squirrels and rabbits.

I missed the day when the fox was out here, but I saw the hawk sitting in the tree with half of a dead bunny drop it on the sidewalk.  Then I watched the students step off the sidewalk to walk around and avoid it, until the hawk re-appropriated it and flew away.

Some days, looking out the window provides just the break I need before I start in again.

Some days it helps me to refocus.

And some days, I just wish it was time to be out there in that sun and breeze.

I’ve been quiet…

and I will remain mostly quiet.  Over the past several months, I have been more exposed to Illinois Procurement and Ethics laws than I ever expected to be.  And that’s all there is to say about that for now.

On to other things…  our WebCT (CE8) installation is currently hanging in there.  This semester there have been more issues relating to browser versions and java.

For anyone who may run into the issue…  if you are a designer/instructor and go to your Grade Book and get a plain white screen, your data is not gone, it is a java caching issue.  Most of the time (all but 1 so far), putting your mouse pointer over the white space and right-clicking then choosing reload {or refresh} frame {or page} will bring things back to normal.

Spring 2012 data

I just made the first batch load of data for Spring 2012 (201230) into WebCT.  This should please some people (now they can work on their classes for spring at their own pace) and annoy others (more classes in your listing).


waiting and changing gears

One waiting game is nearly over.  But, as so many times in life, that will just open the door to another waiting game.  Hopefully this waiting game will feel more fruitful.  At least it should move the process along further.  We’ll see.

A Change in Weather

On Saturday, it was 85F at 9:30am.  On Labor Day, I’m not sure it reached 70F.  And the temperatures all week are forecast to be low to mid 70s.  Quite a change has come upon us.  It’s football weather now.  I guess that’s good because it’s football season, take your pick of high school or college.

Our WebCT/Blackboard CE8 services seem to be humming along OK.  I’m still dealing with a variety of getting things settled for the beginning of semester questions/situations.  Most of them are simple and straight-forward, so they’re easy to do and tick off the to-do list.  That makes for a very positive feel for the day.  Today has been one of those days — pretty good, getting things done.

Happy Monday/Tuesday, everyone.  Beware the long, short week.  And keep smiling.