I’ve been quiet…

and I will remain mostly quiet.  Over the past several months, I have been more exposed to Illinois Procurement and Ethics laws than I ever expected to be.  And that’s all there is to say about that for now.

On to other things…  our WebCT (CE8) installation is currently hanging in there.  This semester there have been more issues relating to browser versions and java.

For anyone who may run into the issue…  if you are a designer/instructor and go to your Grade Book and get a plain white screen, your data is not gone, it is a java caching issue.  Most of the time (all but 1 so far), putting your mouse pointer over the white space and right-clicking then choosing reload {or refresh} frame {or page} will bring things back to normal.


Summer Grades

The “Export to SIS” feature was turned off at 4p yesterday.

Summer’s over, Fall starts soon.  And in between the two…


Grades for end of 6 week session

The “Export to SIS” feature has been turned on and should be available to export grades to Banner from WebCT for the 6 week session.  The feature should be available until July 27 at 4p.

If you experience difficulties please contact the Help Desk (581-HELP).

WebCT downtime over

We scheduled downtime from 12:15am until 2:15am, but finished by 1:15am.  The restart seems to have worked — cluster seems to be working properly and even took the time to enable and test the Export to SIS feature.  It all seems to be in order.  I’m exhausted.  Night-Night.

WebCT Export to SIS for Spring 2011

The Export to SIS feature in the Gradebook for exporting grades to Banner has been enabled since the morning of April 28 and should remain available until 4:00pm May 9th.

Monday, last week of classes for Spring 2011

Here we are, another Monday.  But this one is a little bit special.  It is the last Monday of class meeting for Spring 2011.  Next Monday will be Finals week.  I can hardly believe how quickly this semester has gone.

End of semester means posting grades.  And since we allow that through WebCT now, we have to be ready to go.  We will make it available at 8:00a.m. Thursday April 28, the same day folks can begin posting grades via Banner.  I just did a quick test (turned on the capability, tested it, and turned it right back off) and right now all signs are go, it’s working great as expected.  Sometimes something gets hung up and we have to do a service restart (stop the WebCT services on all the nodes and then restart).  I will check again before Thursday, but for now it looks like we may be good to go.