Catching up

Spring 2012 is underway.  WebCT is humming along.  The data feed from Banner is healthy and happy now after a rough start  to the semester.

Some personnel changes have transpired and will transpire, meaning old faces seen less often and new faces to come.

Change.  Something is always changing and we have to change with it, for it, in spite of it, or get left out, rolled over, or ignored.

Don’t just let it happen to you.  Choose.


Remembering 9/11 @EIU

Remembering 9/11

I attempted to link to the image so that it would just show up here, but was not quickly successful, so settled for this.

EIU ROTC and the Student Veterans of Eastern are placing flags in front of Old Main in memory of the 2,975 victims of the 9/11 attacks in New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.

We remember.

On days like today…

Today was one of those inevitable days.  No matter how good your sysadmins, networking gurus, and application admins are, no matter how much time they put in designing and implementing high availability systems, no matter how much redundancy is in the mix, there is inevitably the day when something happens and a system or service is unavailable.

Today it was the main web page.

Since the main web page was unavailable, many thought all of the services were unavailable.  *sigh*  Everything else was happily humming along.  There are just a lot of individuals who are accustomed to one way of doing things and get caught without a way to improvise.

Those of you trying to avoid work on WebCT (you know who you are!), you can get to it without going to the main web page first.  Just remember (or bookmark)



Welcome to Fall 2011

Today’s the big day.  First class day of Fall 2011.

So far, WebCT seems to be holding up.  I’ve been busy taking care of little bits of this and that related to enrollments or combined sections or other questions/problems with WebCT.

Have been looking out the window at a mostly sunny day and a beautiful blue sky with varying amounts of fluffy white clouds.  Inside has been pleasant too.


It’s Thursday now, and the last “Friday” of my summer hours.  Next week will be the end of summer hours for everyone else, but I scheduled upgrades those days.  It’s worth it to get everything as updated as it will go.

Still working on upgrading testwebct cluster.  The OS upgrades are done and so are the java floating point updater and July2011 Critical Patch Update for Oracle database.  Those were smooth and straightforward.  Now I’m getting things in line for the service pack and hotfix and additional XSS patch.  Doing all of the prep work for those right now.  It’s fun to multitask and let a machine run the job you’ve asked it to while you take care of something else.

A Few Words

Still in limbo, over more things now.

Still waiting on RFP.

Working on more details for updates.  Are there any known issues with CE 8.0.4 and oracle database CPU july 2011 or oracle java CPU june 2011?  Are there any known issues upgrading CE 8.0.4 to .5 and then to hotfix 1 before or after those critical patch updates?

Waiting for appropriate temporary access to allow updating fall data via batch icgorldi data.  No questions here, just waiting.

Attempting to tease out the next questions and/or steps to be prepared for when the above info comes through.

Oh, and today is my Friday.  Don’t get too excited for me, no big plans and production upgrade is 2 weeks away.


Wishing and Planning and Waiting

*sigh* another summer slipping away.  And this summer is so special, on so many fronts.

In my personal world, our oldest child turned 18.  Now that’s a milestone.  As a resident of the US and particularly east central Illinois, we had a week straight of excessive heat warnings, then a break and today a heat advisory.  That’s memorable.

As an employee of EIU, I am part of  a committee that is working on the process for identifying the future infrastructure for online classwork.  We started with the core of a Request for Proposals meant to be added to the institutional parts and sent out to entice vendors/potential future partners to convince us that we need to team with them.  That’s definitely the beginnings of a landmark year that I’m wishing will go well and provide some needed interest in and excitement for online learning.  In the meantime, I’m waiting.

As a member of ITS and the primary Bb/WebCT admin, I’m heading up the plans for our late summer WebCT upgrades, scheduled for Aug 11-13.   Planning…  identifying what all needs to be upgraded, collecting needed installers, notifying appropriate all constituencies, re-scheduling backups, testing in our test environment, and finally pushing a lot of buttons and waiting.

The next couple of weeks will go so fast.  Then, hopefully, the normal rhythm will take hold before the RFP excitement picks up.  So much to look forward to.