A Change in Weather

On Saturday, it was 85F at 9:30am.  On Labor Day, I’m not sure it reached 70F.  And the temperatures all week are forecast to be low to mid 70s.  Quite a change has come upon us.  It’s football weather now.  I guess that’s good because it’s football season, take your pick of high school or college.

Our WebCT/Blackboard CE8 services seem to be humming along OK.  I’m still dealing with a variety of getting things settled for the beginning of semester questions/situations.  Most of them are simple and straight-forward, so they’re easy to do and tick off the to-do list.  That makes for a very positive feel for the day.  Today has been one of those days — pretty good, getting things done.

Happy Monday/Tuesday, everyone.  Beware the long, short week.  And keep smiling.