Friday ends the first week of classes

Today is Friday, ending the first week of classes. And today I saw this headline in The Daily Eastern News, WebCT to be replaced.

Yes, what we are currently running is old (but patched up-to-date) and has an upcoming end-of-life.  It must be replaced by something.

Keep an eye open for further information regarding how to get involved.


On days like today…

Today was one of those inevitable days.  No matter how good your sysadmins, networking gurus, and application admins are, no matter how much time they put in designing and implementing high availability systems, no matter how much redundancy is in the mix, there is inevitably the day when something happens and a system or service is unavailable.

Today it was the main web page.

Since the main web page was unavailable, many thought all of the services were unavailable.  *sigh*  Everything else was happily humming along.  There are just a lot of individuals who are accustomed to one way of doing things and get caught without a way to improvise.

Those of you trying to avoid work on WebCT (you know who you are!), you can get to it without going to the main web page first.  Just remember (or bookmark)



Welcome to Fall 2011

Today’s the big day.  First class day of Fall 2011.

So far, WebCT seems to be holding up.  I’ve been busy taking care of little bits of this and that related to enrollments or combined sections or other questions/problems with WebCT.

Have been looking out the window at a mostly sunny day and a beautiful blue sky with varying amounts of fluffy white clouds.  Inside has been pleasant too.

WebCT Available

As any of you who are interested probably already know, EIU’s WebCT is available.  Upgrades are finished.  Now for updated documentation of the process (what really happened, an update to what we expected to happen).