Non Update

BbWorld 2011 was last week.  I wasn’t there.  Desire2Learn Fusion 2011 was last week.  I wasn’t there either.  Sakai conference was a couple of weeks before that.  I wasn’t there either.  Instructure had a gather at BbWorld.  I didn’t get that t-shirt.  The Midwest MoodleMoot is coming up.  I don’t think I’ll be there either.

Instead I am in limbo.  Following my growing twitterfeed and various mailing lists and websites to gather information from other educational institutions while I wait.

What am I waiting for?  I’m waiting on a couple of things.  One has been “in process” for a while.  That’s the LMS RFP to gather Requests for Proposals of what is available from LMS vendors.  It is in process to be finalized and published, but I have no idea what day.  So, I wait.

Another wait item has been prep for upcoming WebCT upgrades.  Dates are nearly confirmed.  Within the next week I will be gathering oracle patches and WebCT patches to start with a test run on our test system in prep for the real thing on production in a few more weeks.

Not much news.  Not much info.  But there you have it.