Summer on Campus

The cicadas seem to be thinning out.  It could, however, be an illusion due to the cooler weather.  Their buzzing is currently being supplemented by the low, dull hum of a variety of large equipment.  Work crews started yesterday tearing out sidewalks to be replaced.  There are entertaining moments, like when we noticed they were working to pull out a section next to a fire hydrant or when they lift and drop large pieces to break them up  (some of the thuds shake the floor!).  There are annoyances too — the incessant hum, the periodic thumps that make you wonder whether we’ve had some campus emergency or not, and the {temporary} elimination of some standard walking paths.  I guess summer is a great time for maintenance in all sorts of university endeavors.


One thought on “Summer on Campus

  1. Sidewalks are done in the North Quad. They look much better. AND the standing water from heavy rain no longer stands on the sidewalks — proven by recent storms. Great job!

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