Interesting tidbit

As mentioned yesterday, EIU still utilizes Blackboard CE 8.04 (formerly known as WebCT to the world, still *affectionately* so here).  And we’re early in the preparation process for what to do when the license completely expires forever for this product (January 2013).  So I spend a fair amount of time right now just gathering information about the different products I see, in preparation for reviewing RFPs one of these days.

Today I got an email that said this:

“Blackboard’s stock (BBBB) has jumped 34% this morning on news that Blackboard has retained Barclay’s Capital in response to unsolicited, non-binding offers to acquire the company.


So, of course, I go googling… and find this tidbit…;BBBBid1411582/SMT;BBBB-SMART-Technologies-moves-higher-following-news-of-Blackboard-bid

Interesting.  More details to keep an eye on.   And the possibility of storms tonight.

4:30pm — then this link appeared in my inbox:

Still waiting to see what storms make it over to this side of the state.  The hype today has certainly been running high.