Spring awakenings

April in Illinois at a university.  After midterms.  Before Finals.  Everyone getting spring fever.  There are so many symptoms.  More people on campus with not only less jackets, but less clothes.  🙂

I finally sit near a window from which I can see more than just the sky.  Over winter the campus carpenters and painters did rehab on said windows.  For nearly 2.5 months the windows were boarded up — and it wasn’t pretty wood either.  It’s scary how much a lack of sunshine can affect moods.  And it’s amazing how much better it feels to sit in a room with natural light.

WebCT CE8.0.4 seems to keep running.  We have LDI for triggered banner events live for current semesters.  It’s the time of the year when I do occasional batch icgorldi and siapi runs for upcoming semesters so that faculty can begin prep work.  We have successfully used grade publishing from WebCT back to banner for several semesters now.  And we’re digging into the same question so many schools in our position are…   what comes after CE8.0.x??  Committee meetings, research, writing, oh my!