recovering pack rat

Let’s face it.  I am a recovering pack rat.  It can be paper or electronic.  I keep some things for too long.  I’ve been hearing about space issues on one of the servers where I have an account, so I took a little while yesterday to review the contents.  Most of the files were from 2004-2006.  I looked things over and in the end deleted most of the material.  I had scripts and tracking information from all sorts of little and big projects in that time frame.  I am not even involved with some of those things any more — easy delete.  Other things happened in a “world” so different from today that they would be useless — easy delete.  And those two options cleared up a lot of stuff.  I’m left with a few more things to consider removing and an account on another system to check out.  That should be a good way to spend part of Wednesday.