recovering pack rat

Let’s face it.  I am a recovering pack rat.  It can be paper or electronic.  I keep some things for too long.  I’ve been hearing about space issues on one of the servers where I have an account, so I took a little while yesterday to review the contents.  Most of the files were from 2004-2006.  I looked things over and in the end deleted most of the material.  I had scripts and tracking information from all sorts of little and big projects in that time frame.  I am not even involved with some of those things any more — easy delete.  Other things happened in a “world” so different from today that they would be useless — easy delete.  And those two options cleared up a lot of stuff.  I’m left with a few more things to consider removing and an account on another system to check out.  That should be a good way to spend part of Wednesday.


nearing the end of a hot June in IL

🙂  The end of June.  One summer session completed, including posting grades.  Well into the overlapping summer sessions.  WebCT seems to be humming along.  We are making plans for the August updates.  Once the oracle July critical patch updates are released, on or around July 13, those plans should move forward more steadily.  In the meantime, doing some “housecleaning” in some account space and looking forward to vacation next week.


Since my last post we have survived posting Final grades to banner from WebCT for the spring semester.  Something happened about 2/3 of the way through the scheduled time that ended up needing a restart of WebCT services in order to re-connect and complete the grading period.

We are in our first grading period of the summer.  With lower loads, I hoped to get by without restarting services, but when I did a test connection, it just wouldn’t work.  So we restarted over the weekend and turned on grade submission Monday morning.  So far, no complaints.

Planning for updates mid-August.  Can’t test until late July though.  Otherwise things seem pretty quiet.  Still keeping an eye on BbLearn9.1 developments.