updates on LDI, oh my!

At my last update we were preparing to install hotfix 1 for CE 8.0.3 and we did on schedule.  Over the following two weeks we experienced and studied a bug that the hotfix introduced.  We identified 3 patches that we needed to apply to take care of that bug plus a couple of others that would just be helpful.  Another downtime and patches applied later, we were ready to really start the testing in preparation for the pilot group.  The training/testing on the test systems went quite well.  Lots of questions and scenarios addressed.

Then it was time to set things up for the pilot test on production.  And it just wouldn’t connect.  Two nights in a row we did middle of the night restarts on production webct.  Then our SCT helper re-installed the lmg/lmb/ldi software.  But it still didn’t work.  Finally, drew attention to the localhost line in /etc/hosts — the production ldi box’s name was at the end of the line (not like that on test that was working).  So, one more re-install after updating /etc/hosts and then test it out.  It worked!

The pilot test is complete now.  Over the next week or so we need to verify some things about which ports really need to be open.