Old lessons revisited, with a twist…

Some mornings you just know it’s gonna be a tough start.  When my blackberry already showed me 85 new emails from my campus account, I knew it wasn’t gonna be a good start to the day.

My first looks at the warning messages were on my blackberry storm screen.  While that screen is bigger than some other mobile devices, it’s still not like sitting at a computer with a full-sized screen and keyboard.  On the little screen the phrase 100% used caught my attention.  My mind railed against the thought.  I had just checked filesystems the day before and none were anywhere close to 100%!

Finally at work, at my computer, I verified that the filesystems were fine, just as I thought.  And then I was reminded of our past dealings with db_recovery_file_dest_size.  In a filesystem with plenty of space available, our oracle installation only knew about a fraction of it.  Once we were on the right trail, things got cleared up pretty quickly.

Things to remember for the next dance with db_recovery_file_dest_size:

If there is space available in the filesystem, just increase the value.  See http://www.shutdownabort.com/errors/ORA-19809.php

If we shutdown the database and it won’t restart because of that space problem, remember that you CAN startup nomount and make adjustments to the value of db_recovery_file_dest_size.  Then either open the database or shutdown and startup normally.

Remember, moving files has NO impact.  It just takes time.  Oracle will not recognize any cleanup in those directories unless it is handled via RMAN.

What a morning!