Add/drops in Banner and impact in Bb/WebCT

When a student Adds a class in Banner, their enrollment should appear in Bb/WebCT within approximately 24 hours.

When a student Drops a class in Banner, their enrollment will not automatically be changed in Bb/WebCT.  However, the instructor for the section can Unenroll the student using the Unenroll button in the Grade Book.  Once the student has been unenrolled, the ID should NOT show back up (if the individual actually dropped the class).

If a student login is inadvertently unenrolled from a current semester section, the faculty member can either use the Enroll Member button in the Grade Book (once you enter the login be sure to click a role and then the Enroll button and the Save button) or wait for the daily data run to return the ID.

FYI, “breadcrumbs” are kept for any ID that is unenrolled.  This helps in the inadvertent removal category, but can be annoying to see the little red Xs in the Grade Book.  To hide those entries, click on the Grade Book Options menu in the upper right hand corner of the Grade Book, then click on Hide Unenrolled Member Data.