Discussion Board settings on 8.0.3

The following was shared on the mailing list:

CE 8.0.3

We upgraded to SP3 on 10/19 and since then I’ve been getting complaints from the students about the discussion tool. All of the complaints are similar to this one-

“When I began taking my courses there was an option to view all of my posts that had been made for the week. In addition, there also was a notice that would show up when I had any replies to my posts. They are no longer showing on my discussion pages, and I am wondering how to get them back!”

Was this functionality removed in the service pack? Or was there a setting that got reset?

With the following response:

Yup…it’s actually a new setting that was added in 8.0.3 that got set to “Disable.”  The reason for that was because those summary stats at the top were apparently making that screen take too long to load.  Understandable but would’ve been nice to know about that ahead of time.  Anyway, the solution is to

– log in as institutional admin,
– click on Utilities
– Click on Settings
– Click on Discussions
– Set the last two settings (Enable the All-Topics View & Enable the My-Posts View) to TRUE
– Click Save Values

I checked our settings and changed them to allow those views this morning.